Enchanted by Butterflies

The children in Reception class have been rearing their own butterflies. From a furry caterpillar to a chrysalis, the Painted Lady butterflies finally emerged over the weekend.

The Painted Lady is a migrant butterfly, travelling all the way from Africa, across land and sea, to be here in the UK.

This afternoon the children in R1 mixed sugar and water to create a sweet treat for our butterflies. Butterflies drink nectar from flowers using their long tongue (proboscis) and sugared water acts as a good substitute. The children soaked the sponge from our butterfly feeder in the sugared water. The butterflies have plenty of flowers and herbs to feed from in our wildlife area too.

The children let each butterfly crawl onto their finger. It took a few minutes for each one to warm its wings before flying away into the distance. One stayed for quite a while, feeding from the flowers in our wildlife area.

Mixing sugar with water from our water butt and then stirring with a stick…

Soaking the sponge in the sugared water…

The release of the butterflies…


The children enjoyed watching the butterflies feeding from flowers. Can you see his long tongue?…



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