Homes for Hedgehogs

This week in forest School, Year 3W learnt about a mammal that is in serious decline here in Britain; the hedgehog.

Due to habitat loss and the use of pesticides, hedgehog populations are declining rapidly.

Today we talked about how we can help them: Putting out food such as cat or dog food, mealworms and sunflower seeds (not bread or milk); providing water and providing a safe shelter. As a team, we created a permanent home for hedgehogs. We cut a hole into a large plastic box (approximately 13cm x 13cm), covered any sharp edges with duct tape, the children collected dead leaves to layer the bottom, and we filled one shallow bowl with water and one with mealworms. We placed the box under a hedge, put the lid on top and placed two heavy pieces of wood on the lid. This prevents any predators from getting in. We will be keeping a regular eye on this hedgehog haven.

The children then made a start, in groups, creating their own miniature hedgehog homes from sticks and pieces of wood.

This video shows how the children started thinking about food chains to encourage hedgehogs into their homes…


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