Greek Myths around the Camp Fire

This week in Forest School as part of their Creative Curriculum topic, Year 5 built a camp fire and told stories of Ancient Greece.

So far in our Forest School sessions, Year 5 have learnt how to use a fire steel to create a fire. This week the pupils learnt how to use a bushcraft knife to create curls of wood to use as tinder. These curls created from pieces of wood also help the fire to burn quickly initially before adding more wood to fuel the fire.

Bushcraft Knives

This is the first time Year 5 have used bushcraft knives. With both knees on the ground, ensuring their hand does not touch any part of the blade, the children held the piece of wood diagonally, resting the blade on the wood and carefully shaving the wood, pressing the blade down and away from their body. Mrs Edwards supported pupils initially before they felt confident enough to do it alone.

The Firestarter

Using these curls of wood, as well as fluffed-up cotton wool, one pupil was brave enough to put his fire steel skills to the test to start the fire. Once again, with both knees firmly on the ground, the fire steel was placed directly into the tinder before striking. It took a few strikes before a spark was created and the tinder caught fire. Of course this deserved a big round of applause!


Fire, Toast and Greek Myths

Once fuel was added to the fire, we started to toast bread, which the children spread with jam, whilst telling their stories of Greek Myths and Ancient Legends.

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