Snail Racing

Although small, once again our wildlife area has given children here at Langdale lots of opportunities to explore and find out about the minibeasts we have living in our school grounds.

Year 3W put together a tally chart to record every species found. Woodlice, wasps, bees, spiders, caterpillars, snails, slugs, butterflies, flies, ants, hoverflies…the list is endless! The children used minibeast ID guides to correctly identify each creature. They looked for clues such as holes in leaves indicating the presence of hungry caterpillars. One pupil discovered a species that has never been found in our school grounds, a woolly aphid!

One pupil, who we now like to call ‘The Snail Expert,’ found so many snails that we decided a snail race was a must! The video at the end of this post clearly shows how competitive snail racing can be!

Plenty of Minibeasts to be found and recorded…

The snail expert…


Lots of holes on these leaves, a clear sign of caterpillars…

The Woolly Aphid…

The snail race. From the video there appears to be a sure winner, what you don’t see is that this snail actually made a u-turn as he approached the finish line, much to the disappointment of the team who the snail was representing!…

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