Brilliant Bivouacs

In past Forest School sessions, year 5F have thoroughly enjoyed building dens and shelters. They have been able to choose the type of shelter they would like to build and have had plenty of free choice when it has come to decisions.

However, this week the children were given a criteria to stick to; to build a bivouac.

A bivouac is a temporary shelter. It is used by soldiers, persons engaged in scouting and mountain climbers. It is a shelter constructed of natural materials like branches to form a frame, which is then covered with leaves, ferns, and similar material for waterproofing and insulation.

The children were able to choose their own group and materials. They worked extremely well as teams and by the end of the session a set of highly impressive, sturdy bivouacs were created. The teams also decorated their bivouacs with flower garlands (a technique taught last week.)



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