Fire Steel Fury

This week Year 5F learnt how to use a fire steel. After being taught how to correctly and safely hold a fire steel and create a spark, the children worked in small groups to perfect this skill, helping each other and offering advice. They then took part in the ‘fire steel fury’ challenge.

The children split themselves into 4 teams. In the form of a relay race, the children competed against each other. On the whistle, the first child in each team ran to their fire steel and created a spark. Only when a spark was created were they able to run back to their team and tag the next person.

By the end of the session, every child was able to confidently create a spark. Well done Year 5F!

Afterwards, the children learnt another new skill; creating daisy chains. Each group took part in the ‘daisy chain challenge.’ Working as teams, they competed against each other to create the longest daisy chain!

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