Knots and Magical Wands

This week in Forest School Year 1M practiced tying a simple knot.

The children sat on the ground and were each given a piece of parachord. Using one of their legs as a base to begin, they were taught how to tie a simple overhand knot. It took a lot of patience and perseverance. Some children grasped the technique straight away, others struggled but were kindly offered help from their friends. After everyone had succeeded the children were then up for a challenge; to tie a knot, but this time, with their eyes closed! Once again, they offered each other help and advice, and towards the end of the session, every child was able to tie an overhand knot, and they worked together tying knots on each others legs, arms and fingers!


Afterwards, the children used this new skill to create magical fairy and wizard wands. Each child found a stick and, using wool, tied natural ‘magical’ objects onto their stick to create their wand.


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