The Worm Charming Championships

This week the children in Classes 4F, 3H, 1M and 5F have all taken part in the ‘Worm Charming Championships.’

Worm charming is all about charming earthworms out of the ground using different methods. Tapping on the ground to trick the worms into thinking it is raining, watering the ground with a watering can or using a fork and trowel to create vibrations in the soil. Moles, when digging and searching for worms, create vibrations. The worms feel these vibrations and escape to the surface.

The children were split into teams and chose a team name. ‘The Wonderful, Wiggly Worm Catchers,’ ‘The Worminators’ and ‘The Superworms’ were just some of the names chosen.

Each team was given a hoop, fork, trowel, pot and magnifying glass. Each group had to work within their hoop to coax worms out of the ground and the worms were carefully collected into their pot.

The children needed sharp eyes to spot the worms; some were very sneaky. The children noticed differences in the shape and length of each worm and some became quite attached to their collection of earthworms even giving them names. Some children have a fear of worms, but this activity taught them a lot about this very harmless creature and they now have a new found respect for them. The champions were a group in Year 4. They managed to charm an impressive 34 earthworms out of the ground!

At the end of the session the children released their worms into the hedges or into our school composter. They created posters about earthworms including amazing facts such as ‘earthworms can have upto 5 hearts!’

Worm Charming Techniques…


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