Creating Habitats

As it is reaching the end of term, Year 4F started the Forest School session by doing a bit of spring cleaning in the school grounds. The children carefully de-constructed dens and dragged large branches and pieces of wood to the corner of the field. This not only re-enforces what they have learnt about how to carry pieces of wood safely but also why working as a team and communicating is equally as important.

The rain that morning had brought out all kinds of slimy minibeasts including snails, slugs and earthworms. The children discovered plenty of these living on the pieces of damp wood. This is when, without my guidance, they came up with the bright idea of building a habitat for these minibeasts. They realised that these creatures clearly like wood, especially the tree stumps and thick branches. They also realised that these minibeasts like damp places to live as that is where they were all accumulating. Finally, the fact that the creatures were found on the underside of the wood was a clear sign that they liked to hide, the children believe from predators, and they prefer dark places away from direct sunlight. I was so impressed! All of these ideas were thought up by the children based on their observations.

The children have been learning about habitats as part of their Science topic in class. They were amazed at how much they had learnt about habitats whilst outside without even realising it. The best Forest School sessions are the ones that are child-led, and this afternoon was a perfect example of this!

After the Easter holidays the children will be exploring this log pile to find out what minibeasts have moved in.


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