Brilliant Bird Nests

As part of British Science Week, Year 5 put their weaving skills to the test to make a bird’s nest. This doubled up nicely with National Sparrow Day.

The purpose was to answer this question ‘Can people build nests like birds can?’

We looked at a real nest built by a bird which a Year 3 pupil had kindly brought in. It had fallen from a tree and been abandoned.


We talked about how birds use weaving to build the nest and use natural materials such as sticks, twigs, moss, feathers, grass, mud and other natural materials.

The childrens’ challenge was to build a nest using only natural materials. The children worked in small groups. Some weaved their nests using bendy willow, others built theirs on the ground using twigs, grass and moss.

By the end of the session the children could not believe how difficult it was to build a nest! They were also impressed that a bird weaves its nest using its beak, it doesn’t have the benefit of 10 fingers like we do.

So the answer to the question, ‘can people build nests like birds can?’ ‘No way!’ I think the children have a new found respect for the nests they so often see in trees and the brilliant birds that build them.








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