Better Teamwork = Better Dens

This half term Year 4F’s focus has been den building. Firstly learning how to carry sticks and branches safely, creating miniature dens and then last week they created their first big den.

This week the pupils evaluated their work from last week. They talked about what worked well with their den building last week, what they learnt and what could be improved.

This week they focused a lot more on creating a den that would keep them warm and dry rather than furnishings, tv sets and other non-essential items. Once they can master the skill of den building they can then focus on décor, entertainment and other finishing touches.

This week it is clear from the photographs that their dens have improved. Not only is this down to skills learnt in previous weeks but also better team work and communication. Of course the children have a long way to go but, as with everything, practise makes perfect.

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