‘Show the Love’ Climate Change

To raise awareness about climate change, the children have been taking part in the ‘Show the Love’ campaign which takes place from 6-14 February. This campaign helps people to show the love for all the things they want to protect from climate change.

Climate change affects a lot of the things we love. The children learnt that warmer seas are causing some seabirds to struggle to find food, wet weather can wash nests away and birds normally found in warmer climates are becoming more common in the UK. Climate change is also having devastating effects on the wildlife that lives in the colder parts of the world. Ice is melting and animals such as walruses and polar bears are losing their habitats.

The children talked about the effects of climate change, what they have noticed such as birds nesting earlier or reptiles coming out of hibernation a lot sooner, and we also talked about what we can do to help. The children came up with some very good ideas…

  • Turn off lights when not in use
  • Turn off plugs and switches when not in use
  • Walk short distances rather than taking the car
  • Put on a jumper before turning on the heating
  • Recycle!

The children used chalk to write on the trees everything they had learnt about climate change…

Using clay, rolling pins and heart-shaped cutters they then created their own clay heart which they decorated with green, natural materials.

At the end of the lesson each child shared with the group what small change they were going to make (whether turning off lights or recycling materials) where they were going to keep their heart at home (a special shelf in their room or the kitchen for everyone to see), and what this heart would remind them of when they saw it.

By the end of the session the children were very keen to make a change. They are now aware of what climate change is, and more importantly what they can do to help.


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