All Creatures Great and Small

To link in with their topic ‘All Creatures Great and Small,’ the children in Reception 2 chose their favourite animal that lives in a tree and perfected an impersonation of that animal. Some chose monkeys, others chose snakes, and some chose parrots. The aim of the lesson: to use ropes and harnesses to pull each child up into the tree where they were able to show off their amazing animal impression.

This activity encourages children to work as a team (they learnt that without the whole team they would not be able to pull each other up into the tree.)

The activity also requires extremely good listening, especially when it comes to instructions such as when to pull, how to pull, when to stop and when to lower each other gently onto the ground. The children learnt that this was important to keep each other safe.

The activity encourages children to develop in confidence. Some children were initially scared to go into the tree, but with encouragement from the rest of the group they conquered their fears and were even brave enough to let go of the rope once they were up in the tree. A huge achievement!

The activity took place over two weeks, with the help of two year 5 pupils, and by the end of the two weeks the children remembered key words such as ‘rope’ ‘harness’ and ‘carabiner.’ Most importantly, the children had lots of fun doing the activity!

The children also created lots of habitats for nature…

The children enjoyed exploring the snow…

We also talked about the bulbs that are growing in the school grounds and the children were able to tell me that they grow in the springtime…






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