Marshmallow Roasting

This afternoon year 4L brought in marshmallows to roast over a camp fire. This will be the first time that 4L have had the experience in school of making a camp fire and there are lots of safety rules they must follow.

We talked about how cotton wool is a great material for starting a fire and how a fire needs fuel in the form of, in our case, wood to keep it burning. Once the fire was burning well, some children collected long sticks which I whittled to form a skewer for roasting the marshmallows. The children kept a safe distance from the fire and only approached the fire if invited by myself.

In future sessions the children will learn how to use a fire steel, create a miniature fire, further their knowledge on fire safety and eventually have the opportunity to make their own camp fire.

Once the fire had died down we doused it with water. We then talked about how burnt wood creates charcoal which can be used to draw with. The children really enjoyed drawing and writing on the trees in the school grounds.




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