Miniature Dens

We started this afternoon’s session with a wildlife themed activity. Laminated pictures of winter birds and plants were hung around the school grounds. Each pair then had a spotter sheet attached to a clipboard. The children went on a hunt to find and tick off each picture. This type of activity raises awareness of the types of animals and plants we have living here in the UK and hopefully the children will eventually recognise the real thing, for example, a robin we saw that day.

Afterwards, the children tried their hand at making miniature dens. This is the group’s first attempt at making a mini den. They were given the option to work in groups, pairs or alone. They were given a few tips to begin with and then were left to work independently to design and make their own mini den. The only rule they had to follow was that their den could be no higher than their knee, the rest was entirely their choice. I have to say the results, for a first try, were amazing!




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