Chalk, Charcoal and Mud

Last week a child in class R2 found a large piece of burnt wood on the school field. We talked about how burnt wood creates charcoal which can then be used to draw with. I was very impressed that the children remembered this fact from last week’s session. This week the pupils had a selection of charcoal and chalk which they used to draw and write with on the trees in the school grounds. This encouraged pupils to practice their letter formation and write their names.

After a huge success with the mud last week, I invited the children to use mud to create patterns and drawings on the trees. A lot of the children enjoyed creating muddy handprints on the trees and some, who are still not too keen to immerse themselves in mud, used a stick to make drawings on the trees.

To end the session, the children collected sticks from the school grounds. This is good practice each week to ensure that sticks are carried safely by keeping them low by their side and branches are dragged along the ground.




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