Mmmm Mud Pies

Today R2 were given the chance to collect natural materials in our school grounds where they soon discovered the large patch of mud on our top field. They took no time at all splashing and squelching in the mud. Some used pots and tools such as trowels and forks to create mud pies decorated with natural materials. One child found a piece of charcoal made from burnt wood which he used to draw on trees. The session had encouraged lots of talk and discussion. Words like ‘Squelchy’ ‘Slushy’ ‘Mushy’ and ‘Sticky’ were used to describe their experience. Some talked about how their friends had helped them to get out of the mud when they were stuck. The child who found the charcoal, once in class, remembered its name, that it was made from burnt wood and could be used to draw with.




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