Habitat Management (Year 3D)

Last week one pupil told me how when he grows up he would like to work for the RSPB. We talked about how the RSPB provides homes for nature which then have to be maintained and managed. This discussion inspired this weeks session.

As winter approaches places outdoors can start to look neglected. Our wildlife area was beginning to look a little scruffy. Of course flowers have died, leaves have fallen from the trees and the bramble begins to develop a mind of its own. As a place for exploration we certainly do not want the area to be in pristine condition, but we also want to maintain our homes for nature.

Assessment of the grounds

Armed with a lot of responsibility, year 3D were raring to go! Firstly, the children did an assessment of the grounds. They spotted a lot of things that needed replacing, repairing or tidying up a little. We wrote these down on a large sheet of paper…

  • Replace bird feeders which have been destroyed by our resident grey squirrel. Fill the feeders with seed (sunflower hearts are the best!), mealworms for robins, suet pellets and fresh water.
  • Cut back the bramble
  • Replace the wildlife information signs
  • Remove dead plants
  • Rake up the dead leaves
  • Spruce up the butterfly garden and herbs by removing dead leaves.
  • Rearrange the logs and stones around the pond (these make great hiding places for frogs and other minibeasts)
  • Collect sticks from the grass to add to the Hedgehog Home.

Allocation of jobs

Once we had made a ‘to do’ list, I then set about allocating these jobs to small groups of children. We talked about what tools would be needed and how to safely use these tools. All of the children were focused on their job and I was impressed by how hard working and dedicated each pupil was. During the afternoon the children also encountered plenty of wildlife including slugs, snails, earthworms, birds, spiders and even a frog! These encounters helped the children to understand why building homes and managing these homes is so important to nature.

Lots of wildlife encounters…


The children used our water butt to clean the bird feeders…


Lots of dead grass and plants were removed…


Seed was added to the bird feeders…


Leaves were raked…


The pond area was tidied…


A frog was spotted…


and the butterfly area was tidied…


Great job year 3D!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Jackie Cheadle says:

    Doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, still lots to learn from being outdoors, the children all look like they are really enjoying the big tidy up 😀


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