Worm Wonderlands (Year 3D)

What better time to look for worms, slugs and snails than on a very rainy day. We are certainly not short of these in England and the children have lots of fun in Forest School come rain or shine.

Finding earthworms, slugs and snails

Their first task was to find worms which is pretty easy on a wet day as they come up to the surface of the ground. The children bonded well with the numerous earthworms found and developed a respect for these creatures that we can sometimes take for granted. Do you ever wonder where all of those fallen leaves in Autumn disappear to? Earthworms play a key role in decomposing them!


Creating Mini Wonderlands

The children then worked together to create small homes for their new found friends. They learnt the importance of ‘Y’ sticks when creating a sturdy den and used various construction techniques.


Splashing in Puddles

And on a rainy day, dressed in wellies and waterproofs, what better time to splash in puddles!



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