All About Trees (Year 1R)

Year 1R’s first Forest School activity was all about trees.

The children started the afternoon collecting as many natural materials as they could find. Using chalk we wrote a list of all of these objects on a tree trunk.

Searching for Natural Objects…



After one pupil found an extremely long leaf, the children set themselves a challenge to find the longest leaf and the longest stick.

Champions of the Longest leaf and stick challenge…


Continuing the fascination with trees, we looked at the parts of a tree; leaves, branches, twigs and bark. We focused on the texture of the bark and the veins in a leaf which are used to carry nutrients and help the leaves grow. The children produced art work using wax crayons to create bark and leaf rubbings.

Leaf and Bark Rubbings…


To finish we talked about why there are so many leaves lying on the grass at the moment. We talked about seasons and how in Autumn some trees shed their leaves. So making the most of these free natural resources, the children created showers of leaves which I think was their favourite part of the afternoon.

Throwing leaves in the air…



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