Discovering Natural Materials (R1)

This afternoon Reception 1 took part in their first Forest School activities and I have to say, I was very impressed.

We started the afternoon talking about the natural materials we may find in our school grounds; conkers, sticks, leaves and feathers were all mentioned. We labelled a hoop with each object so that once found the children were then able to sort them into the correct hoop. We added further hoops as the activity progressed and the children found more items. Berries, conker shells and flowers were added to our list of items.

Sorting Natural Materials



Making Mini Dens

Taking into account, that from observation, the children showed a fascination for sticks I decided steer the activity towards making mini dens. The children had already expressed an interest in making large dens so this was a good starting point. Some children worked alone, others in small groups. With very little input the children were left to explore and trial their own ideas. Some balanced sticks to form a den, others stuck their sticks into the ground and some disguised theirs using the dead leaves we had collected. I have to say top marks for teamwork and using initiative R1!


Finding Minibeasts


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