Ropes, Harnesses and Hedgehog homes (Year 3H)

Rope work and Harnesses…

Year 3H are very keen to do some off the ground activities and climb trees. Unfortunately, we currently have no suitable trees to climb. However, Staffordshire Wildlife Trust have offered to come into school, and with the help of some children, plant some new trees in our grounds.

Today myself and Mrs Edwards made a harness from rope in order to lift the children off the ground. Ok, it’s not climbing trees but it was the next best thing. The children worked in groups and learnt how listening to instructions is important in a high risk activity such as this one.

The children learnt the importance of team work too. They worked together to pull each other off the ground.

The children conquered their fears, gained more confidence and I was extremely impressed with the words of encouragement offered by the rest of the group.


Hedgehog Homes…

Unfortunately the children also found a dead hedgehog on the field. We talked about how this may have happened; animals die of old age or are attacked or eaten by predators which is all part of the food chain. Inspired to help other hedgehogs, the children set about building safe homes for the hedgehogs to live or hibernate in.


Love the swing made from a stick in this home…


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