Toasting Bread and Making Charcoal (Year 6)


Today Year 6 experienced their first camp fire in school and toasted some bread served with honey.

In the weeks to come, Year 6 will learn how a camp fire is made using fire steels, tinder and wood. They will learn the safety rules involved when building their own camp fire. Following that, they will learn and experiment with a variety of cooking techniques including food hygiene and safety.


The pupils also learnt that burnt wood left over from a camp fire is actually charcoal and can be used to draw on a variety of surfaces including tree trunks.

The children collecting the charcoal from the doused fire pit…


The pupils discovered that burnt wood creates charcoal…

Which can then be used to draw with…

And the children had fun afterwards splashing in the water, making creatures from natural materials and creating dreamcatchers from willow…


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