Forest School: Fire Steels and Scavenger Sticks (Year 3H)

Guided Activity:

This afternoon Year 3 learnt how to use a fire steel. When building camp fires as part of forest school, a fire steel is used to safely start a fire. Today year 3 created a ‘spark’ using a fire steel. A simple activity but one that requires skill, perseverance and patience.

Children took turns using the fire steel under close supervision. Some needed a few attempts to create a spark, learning the correct way to hold the fire steel and the angle in which to strike it too. Others created a spark on the first attempt!


Independent Activities:

  • Scavenger Sticks

Children chose a special stick and then tied natural objects (which they thought to be precious or interesting) to it using colourful wool and string.


  • Bug Hunting

This is still proving to be very popular amongst the year 3 children with worms and slugs being a particular favourite!


  • Mini Den Building

One pupil in particular is enjoying developing her skill in this area. This week she created a washing line and a washing basket made from sticks with the help of some friends. Very impressive! Other children were also inspired to build their own mini dens.


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