Forest School: Muddy Sculptures and Magical Wind Chimes (Year 6)


The good thing about Forest School is that it helps children to improvise. The only materials needed are those found in nature. Input given by myself as Forest School leader is minimal. Together, these elements encourage children to be creative and use their initiative. They are learning, being eco-friendly by recycling natural materials and working as part of a team.

On Friday afternoon the year 6 pupils were given the option of creating muddy faces, making windchimes or creating a miniature den. A year group of 60 pupils and every single one was focused on their chosen activity and I have to say, the results were amazing!

  • Muddy Faces

The pupils used mud and other natural materials to sculpt faces onto tree trunks. Who needs clay when you have mud!…


  • Natural Crafts

Some pupils used sticks, conkers,  leaves and string (until we have a supply of willow as willow is a great natural resource to use instead of string for tying) to make their own unique wind chimes…


  • Mini Dens

Some pupils realised that their forte is creating miniature dens…


  • Conker Challenge

One pupil even invented his own challenge… to find the smallest conker possible!…








One Comment Add yours

  1. Jackie Cheadle says:

    Brilliant artwork created outside in the fresh air, just love the faces on those trees, and the children’s faces too, they look very pleased with their hard work 😀


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