Forest School: The Tower Challenge (Year 5HC)


Today year 5 were given the challenge of building a tower.


  • The tower could be no taller than the tallest person in the group and no shorter than the shortest person in the group.
  • It could be made using only natural materials and string if needed.
  • It had to be symmetrical
  • It had to be free-standing


The children worked in small groups following the criteria set. The pupils used some very ingenious ways of constructing their towers including using fallen apples and balls of mud to fix sticks together.

During Forest School pupils are given the opportunity to explore and test ideas with very limited input from the Forest School leader or other staff. Over the weeks the pupils then build, slowly but surely, these skills to produce better results each time.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Jackie Cheadle says:

    Really look like the children are enjoying this task, bet they don’t realise they are doing maths with the measuring involved, much more exciting than sitting at a desk


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