‘Going for Gold!’ The RSPB ‘Wild Challenge.’

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Here at Langdale children across the school have worked extremely hard building homes for nature and connecting with the great outdoors.

It started with a bug hotel and then progessed onto building a frog pond (after several frogs were found hopping around in our school corridors!) bird boxes (after a swallow joined us in the classroom one summer morning) Hedgehog homes, butterfly gardens and so much more.

After seeing a competition called ‘Wild Challenge’ run by the RSPB, we decided to enter. We showcased all of the work we had done in school proving how we had built homes in order to help nature and how we ourselves had connected with nature.

We took on many challenges. We…

  • Took part in the Big School Bird Watch
  • Bio-blitzed our School grounds
  • Built a Pond
  • Built Hogitats for Hedgehogs and Frogitats for Frogs
  • Made our own bird feeders
  • Raised Money by holding a non-school uniform day
  • Put up numerous nest boxes around the school grounds
  • Created a large bug hotel as well as mini ones
  • Used magnifying glasses and microscopes to explore nature in more detail
  • Went on bug hunts and mini-beast safaris
  • Pond Dipped
  • Danced in the Rain
  • Spotted clouds in the sky
  • Planted herbs and flowers for bees and butterflies
  • Entered a ‘litter bug’ competition
  • Won a water butt in the ‘litter bug’ competition which is installed in our wildlife area
  • Spread the word by making and selling a wildlife magazine and holding an assembly all about wildlife.

The RSPB were so impressed with all of the children’s hard work that they not only awarded us with a bronze and silver certificate but also a huge gold banner to show everyone how we have helped and connected with nature. This has been placed in a very conspicuous place outside our school. We also received money to spend in the RSPB shop.

Thank you to the RSPB, the pupils of Langdale, parents who have donated, Mrs Capper who helped to build the bug hotel, our school caretaker Steve who has helped with numerous tasks and even my Mum and Dad who came along to help one evening after school! We could not have created these wonderful homes for nature without your help!











One Comment Add yours

  1. Jackie Cheadle says:

    Brilliant, all the children should be really pleased with themselves, well worth all their hard work 😀


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