Looking for Wildlife Clues – Year 4L




On this very frosty morning year 4L headed out and became wildlife detectives!

Armed with binoculars and magnifying glasses they were not on the lookout for wildlife as such, but clues that wildlife had been in our school grounds.

Great clues to look for and what we found:

  • Feathers


  • Fur

  • Gnawed nuts, berries and bark


  • Spider webs


  • Snail Shells


  • Eggs and eggshells

    These white dots underneath this tree stump are snail and slug eggs…

  • Birds nests and dreys (squirrel nests)


  • Animal bones or skulls bones

    Things we didn’t find but are great clues include…

  • Animal Poo

  • Claw or paw prints

  • Sloughed skins from reptiles

    Looking for clues can be just as important as seeing the actual animal. Some animals may be nocturnal, well-camouflaged or just very difficult to see. These clues tell us that an animal has been in the area without the need to actually see it.

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