Making Bird Cakes with Year 4L

This morning we had an extremely messy activity, but hopefully we can be forgiven as it was all in the name of Science.

In order to take part in the Big School’s Birdwatch, we need to make sure we can attract as many birds as possible into our wildlife area. This morning the children had the task of making their own bird cakes.

How we did it

Step 1: The children had a variety of bird friendly food to choose from including robin mix, oats, bird seed, sunflower hearts and dried mealworms.

Step 2: Using a bowl or paper plate, each child chose 7 spoonfuls of food to make up their cake.

Step 3: They added 3 spoonfuls of lard to their mix.

Step 4: Reluctantly, they used their hands to mix everything together into a ball. No gloves were allowed; the messier the better!

Step 5: They attached a piece of string and then hung their bird cake in their chosen place in the wildlife area.




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